Reinhard (Rhino) Grohmann

Field Guide, Naturalist, Photographer and founder of  Rhino Safaris



I started my professional career in Germany where I worked in the car manufacturing industry. After 11 years of employment I was offered the opportunity to transfer to South Africa.

The year was 1988 and the likes of Google, and not to mention the internet, were still in their infancy.

With little to no idea of what to expect, I decided to take a leap of faith and moved to my first ‘home’ in Africa: Pretoria. The rest, as they say, is history.


I quickly realised that Southern Africa offered more beauty and adventure than I could have ever imagined and after an unforgettable experience in the Okavango Delta – I simply knew I had found my life’s calling. Soon after, in 1999, I embarked on a career as a field guide. My education is on-going and I firmly believe it would take more than hundred lifetimes to learn all the secrets that Southern Africa has to reveal. Luckily with almost two decades’ worth of knowledge and experience, I could amass more insights than most could ever dream of.


I founded my own company - Rhino Safaris - after realising that there was a distinct lack of personalised, exclusive and private tours on the market. I wanted to show my guests the Southern Africa that I had fallen in love with, and that could not be done in a noisy 4x4 truck or large tour buses.

What started out as small trips for friends and family, soon grew into the operational company I run today – offering clients the opportunity to see the vast beauty of the various countries’ available on the tour list. 


The Africa I know and love is full of extremes. Whether it’s the lush vegetation of the Okavango teeming with life or the harsh contrasting setting of the Kalahari Desert – everything is part of the bigger picture that feeds my fascination for Africa. Not to mention the abundance of joyous people who live in colour, laughter and harmony with their surroundings.


My aim is to share my passion and enthusiasm for Africa and its nature and its people first hand and unfiltered while being on tour with my clients.


Join me on safari and discover why you can leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you.


I always take the path less travelled to ensure that my guests stay far away from large travel buses and noisy tourists. You can rest assured that every safari will be private and exclusive, allowing you to enjoy Africa in your time, on your terms.


My mission is to expand the general awareness for the conservation of endangered species and increase the understanding of the human-animal conflict in Africa. New experiences and incomparable moments will allow my guests to see their own lives in a different light. Unique encounters in Africa's natural environment are intended to sharpen the senses of my customers and to equip them with the necessary knowledge to become ambassadors for Africa.

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